Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walk & Run

Here's my newest animation, the walk & run. It took roughly four weeks, and hopefully either have a sense of humour and you like it, or you're deeply religious and it offends you. I'm happy either way.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


As every male artist knows, the hardest thing is to draw women, especially their faces. That is without making them look at least somewhat man-ish. So my goal for this year is to get a whole lot better at not just drawing realistic women, but being able to do character designs of them.

So far I'm just drawing celebrities and models from reference, and trying to figure out what makes their facial structure different. After I do maybe between 50-100 of those and can knock them out in 5-10 minutes no problem I'll be moving on to some caricatures. Depending on how that goes I'll do a bunch and move on to completely original character designs of women.

That being said, here's the first batch of attempts. Most are the Transformers chick Megan Fox, with a couple of Adriana Lima (aka some crazy skinny super model), and one of Aeon Flux herself, Charlize Theron.